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Equipment and services

Numerous laboratories, workshops, and field test sites are available for educational purposes as well as for research assignments:

Wood workshop / Joinery


    • Joinery with common standard and 3 CNC woodworking machines
    • Bench-room with hand-work places
    • Veneer processing (Board press and 3-D-press)
    • Varnishing workshop with spray booth
Tischlerei 1

More pictures of joinery you find here.

Laboratories and workshops

Heatable treatment autoclave
  • Brick and concrete technology lab
  • Mycological lab
  • Infrared spectrometry lab
  • Ionic chromatography lab
  • Digital microscopy
  • PC and media workshop with digital film lab and editing suites
  • Mechanical test labs
  • Wood technological labs (microscopy, mechanical testing, surface property testing)
  • Laboratory treatment plants for classic wood preservatives and thermal modification of timber
  • Alternating climate chambers
  • Devices for artificial ageing and UV-irradiation
  • Colour measurement devices
  • Coating labs (determination of coating thickness, viscosity, hardness, etc.)
  • Labs for print and paintwork techniques
  • Chemical labs
Digital incident light microscopy
Transmitting light microscopy with digital image transmission

Open areas

  • Building yard for mineral materials
  • Different weathering sites (including automatic weather data recording)
  • Test fields with and without ground contact
Ground contact test field
Weathering site
Light exposure boxes
Test house