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Main research - Coating technology and construction chemistry

Structural damages and material properties

Betonbeschichtung und Feuchtemessung
Coating on concrete for damage analysis and moisture measurements on hydrophobized mortar samples
Coated wood specimens for weathering tests
  • Durability and damage analysis of coatings on mineral substrates (Prof. Dr. Littmann)
  • Properties of substrate hydrophobized mortar and concrete; hygric, mechanical and wear characteristics (Herr Moellring)
  • Set up of a producer-independent data base of infrared spectra  for coatings and other organic materials (Herr Moellring, Prof. Dr. Littmann)
  • Testing of weatherability of coatings (Frau Mengel)








Advanced vocational training and teaching materials

Need for basic and advanced vocational education: Measuring the concrete moisture content at the construction site
  • Basic and advanced training in the field of concrete restoration and coating of industrial floors (Prof. Dr. Littmann)