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Main research - Wood science and engineering

Durability of wood and wood products

Durability testing

  • Durability of wood and wood products (Contact persons: Dr. Brischke und Dr. Welzbacher)

    • In field tests in and above ground
    • In field tests against termites and marine borers
    • In lab tests against wood-destroying fungi and insects

  • Standardisation with respect to durability and performance classification of wood products under various use conditions

Service life prediction of wooden components

Moisture monitoring at test house
  • Automated moisture recordings in field trials and on buildings in service (Moisture Monitoring)
  • Development of models for service life prediction of wood and wood products


Wood protection, thermal modification, wood composites

Blue stain on TMT
Impact tests on TMT
UV stability tests on TMT

  • Development and optimization of non-biocidal wood protection processes

    • Impregnation with vegetable oils and waxes
    • Thermal modification
    • Chemical modification
    • Thermo-mechanical densification

  • Investigation of biological, physical, optical, and chemical properties of modified wood and wood composites
  • Studies on the suitability of innovative composites for different applications
  • Development of methods for quality assurance in thermal modification processes
  • Wood Polymer Composites WPC
  • Optimization of surface properties and UV stability of wood and wood based composites for indoor and outdoor use

Wooden flooring

Historical wooden flooring
Smoked English oak
  • Historical wooden flooring
  • Reasons for and strategies to avoid damages on parquet flooring
  • Smoking of wood







Fabrication processes in the cabinet maker’s trade

  • Potential for rationalization on handwork places in workshops
  • Assembling vehicles and construction site working places in joineries