Wood technology and its didactics

The working group wood technology and its didactics covers the teaching the training in the professional field of wood technology as well as individual aspects of the training of all professional fields represented at the IBW.

The IBW has its own joinery with modern equipment for furniture construction and interior design. In cooperation with the state guild association, studies and seminars on ergonomic workplace organization were carried out here as part of the "Tatort Bankraum" project. In the model workshop at Expo 2000, students put the theoretical knowledge they have learned into practice and learn about old and modern handicraft techniques.

The main research areas of the working group currently include:

  • Didactic approaches to the digital preparation of professional work processes in the professional field of wood technology (Mr. Wolff)
  • Structural damage research (Mr. Rapp)
  • Optical methods in building forensics (Mr. Rapp and Mr. Peters)