Structural damage research

The research area of structural damage in the wood technology working group and its didactics deals with the emergence, repair and preventive avoidance of structural damage. One frequent problem of structural damage is, that it becomes obvious and investigations start long after the effect of cause. Hence very specific examination methods paired with professional experience are required.

The key to determining the cause of structural damage is often the combined analysis of product properties including auxiliary materials and craftsmanship. The working group combines their manual and technical experience of production and processing on construction sites with high-resolution optical analysis methods in the laboratory. Her focus is on the application of spectroscopy and microscopy.

Damage research in construction practice. Failure of a silane adhesive due to premature aging. Image: A.O. Rapp
Clarification of the cause in the laboratory. Microscopic fluorescence image analysis of unnormal stains in oak wood. Image: A.O. Rapp