Design techniques

Development and implementation of a wall design for the "Integra" senior citizens' centre

Gestaltete Wandkacheln Gestaltete Wandkacheln Gestaltete Wandkacheln

Supervision: Dipl. Berufspädagogin Uta Mengel, M. Ed. Kathrin Otten
Researcher: Janna Boomgaarden

For the development of a wall design concept, the Integra team approached the Institute for vocational sciences in the building trade of the Leibniz University Hannover. As part of a bachelor's thesis, a concept for redesigning the corridor area was developed and implemented with the guiding theme of "maritime design".

On the one hand, the new design is intended to increase the attractiveness of the living area for the residents and, on the other hand, to address their special needs. The result is a wall design as an interactive, over-sized Matching Pairs. The choice of colours and natural, maritime-looking materials is tailored to the needs of senior citizens by evoking memories by linking the senses of sight and touch. Additionally, senior citizens whose eyesight is severly impaired are given the opportunity to deal with the individiual panels tactilely and to explore the different materials haptically.